Ian Woodman, a successful Idaho businessman and the co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, began his professional career on a very different path. At 25, he became a first-time entrepreneur when he opened up a daycare after failure to find suitable childcare for his own children. For Ian Woodman, Idaho’s Coeur d’Alene Daycare and Preschool offer valuable business experience that he has been able to utilize through his many other business ventures.

In 2004, Ian Woodman founded Idaho’s SIR custom homes. With two experienced business partners, the firm built several unique homes over the course of the next few years. Unfortunately for Ian Woodman, Idaho was not immune to the real estate crash of 2007 and SIR found itself struggling to sell its high-end properties. The firm was dissolved during the economic downturn.

Once Ian Woodman realized Idaho’s real estate market was not going to bounce back immediately, he took a short hiatus from his career to focus on his family. During this time, he met his future business partner, Byron Pedersen. He did not know it at the time but this encounter would forever change the life of Ian Woodman. Idaho allows for home-based businesses and since the two had minimal startup funds the duo founded Instant Tax Solutions from an office in Pedersen’s home.

Ian Woodman, Byron Pedersen and Instant Tax Solutions provide legal counseling and IRS representation to those facing trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. The firm’s main focus is unparalleled customer service, something that Instant Tax Solutions has worked diligently to maintain over the years under the guidance of Ian Woodman and Byron Pedersen. The Idaho Better Business Bureau rates Instant Tax Solutions with an A+, the highest rating available. With nearly 4,000 satisfied clients, Ian Woodman and Byron Pedersen’s Instant Tax Solutions professionals are known nationwide as the premier source for trustworthy IRS information.

Instant Tax Solutions has proven successful for Ian Woodman, and this Idaho businessman believes that by simply treating people with respect and integrity, ITS has changed how taxpayers view firms in the tax resolution industry.

A Los Angeles native, Ian Woodman’s Idaho relocation came in 1996 when he wanted to escape the high crime rates of California for a safer life for his family – a wife and four children. For Ian Woodman, Idaho has been both a blessing and a nightmare. Four years after his move, Woodman’s younger brother was in a horrific car crash across the country in his hometown. Ian Woodman left Idaho to visit his brother in the hospital while he was in a coma and returned with a new outlook on life. It was at this time that he found God and learned to focus on the importance of family. 18 months later, Ian Woodman left Idaho once again and returned with his brother, who has since recovered and has a wife and family of his own.

Ian Woodman lives in Idaho with his four children and his wife, Becky.

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